Recent Projects Completed – Commercial Fueling in Chicago

Job Name: Transportation Company
Location: Chicago
Worked Preformed:Installation of 2 – 10,000 USTs and Fuel Management System

Job Name: Builders Asphalt
Location: Multiple Locations in the Chicago Area
Worked Preformed: Installation of Underground Storage Tanks, Fuel Island with Fuel Dispensorand Fuel Management System

Job Name: Regional Trucking Company
Location: Chicago Area
Worked Preformed: Installation of an Underground Fuel Tank, Fuel Island with Fuel Dispenser and Fuel Management System.

Job Name: National Freight Company
Location: Chicago Area
Worked Preformed: Installation of Lubrication Tanks, Pumps, Hose Reel System, Used Oil Vac System.

Job Name: First Student Transportation Fuel Facility
Location: South Holland, IL
Worked Preformed: Removal of four  – 10,000 underground storage tanks and contaminated soil. Installation of two – 2,500 above ground  fuel storage tanks.

Job Name: Local Municipality in Chicago Area
Location: Palatine, IL
Worked Preformed: Installation of two – 2,500 gallon above ground storage tanks with fuel dispensors.

Job Name: MV Transportation
Location: Chicago, IL
Work Preformed: Installation of one 8,000 gallon underground storage tank and two 1,000 gallon above ground storage tank.
Installed Veeder- Root Fuel Management System, fuel dispenser, and card reader.

Job Name: Garage Door Supplies
Location: Bedford Park, IL
Work Preformed: Complete Reconstruction of Fuel Island which included the following: concrete pad replacement, new piping, new manhole covers, new tank sumps and new dispenser.

Job Name: Auto Dealer of Chicago
Location: Chicago, IL
Worked Preformed: New installation of underground fuel tanks and fuel island with canopy.