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Fuel Management System (FMS)

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Should I Invest in a Fuel Management System (FMS)?
Fleet Fuel Management System (FMS) is a great way to effectively manage one of your largest expenses – Fuel. Fuel costs can take up a substantial portion of your operating costs and if it’s not watched closely it can put a serious dent in your bottom line. For some organizations fuel costs represent the largest business cost behind labor in total dollars spent.
Many companies face additional pressure in the post-recession economy to manage costs and maintain budgets. One way to combat those costs are installing a quality fuel management system. Implementing and using a quality Fuel Management System can help make commercial fleets more profitable and work more productive.

Benefits of using a Fuel Management System

  • Lower Fuel Cost by over 20% – An Active Fuel Management System will allow you to reduce much waste and theft by employees who are helping themselves to a few extra gallons.
  • Increase Employee Productivity & Safety – Often times employees spend a large portion on time at the beginning or end of the day refueling and adding on additional hours on their time sheet resulting in over time costs.
  • Reduce environmental cleanup costs – Poor fueling can cause Environmental Contamination and that can be a messy and expensive situation you don’t want any part of. Filling equipment from fuel tanks or from slip tanks can expose you to costly cleanups. Make sure your crew is properly trained in fuel handling and cleanup procedures and that all the correct equipment is easily at hand by each fuel tank.
  • Reduce cost overruns by tracking fuel costs by project or customer – Another feature of online fuel management systems is being able to report costs, manage budgets and control fuel expenditures. The online system by 4Refuel lets you set budget parameters and track performance against them — even analyze fuel consumption by unit.

Who can I hire to install a Fuel Management System in the Chicago Area?
Hiring an experienced and competent company that can install a Fuel Management System is extremely important. Many companies offer this service but not all are created equal. Petroleum Technologies Equipment (PTE) has over 25 years of Fleet Fueling Operations in both large and small organizations. Our service technicians are trained in all the major brands including OPW, Wayne, Gilbarco, Veeder Root and Gasboy. For more information or if you have any questions please check out their website at or call 708-243-1108.