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New Illinois UST Regulations

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As sure as death and taxes, new Illinois UST Regulations are here again affecting contractors and owner/operators of underground fuel tanks. The unyielding growth of new regulations each year leaves many organizations with USTs frustrated and confused.  Many of the new changes to the regulations come straight from the 2015 Federal UST Regulations.  The main reason for these new regulations is to reduce the possibility of releases from USTs that can threaten human health and the environment, contaminating both soil and groundwater.  Since 2015, more than 525,000 UST releases have been confirmed.

As implementation begins and the details get  discussed and interpretations have been needed, the EPA rules themselves seem vague and there is some clarification needed. Revised Illinois UST Regulations were approved June of 2018. The new regulations are now finalized and the effective date is 10/13/2018. There are several new requirements that will be challenging, which is reflected by the many calls and emails that the Office of the Fire Marshal is receiving.

Here are the major changes that will soon be affecting everyone within the industry:

  • Triennial testing for Spill Buckets and Containment Sumps used for Interstitial Monitoring of Piping

    • Your USTs must have spill prevention equipment (commonly called spill buckets or catchment basins) to contain drips and small spills that can occur when the delivery hose is disconnected from the fill pipe.

    • You must test your spill prevention equipment at least every three years for liquid tightness or use a double-walled spill bucket with periodic interstitial monitoring.  The test must be conducted according to a code of practice or manufacturer’s instructions.

    • No later than October 13, 2018 you must begin inspecting your spill prevention equipment at least every 30 days  (or before each delivery if you receive deliveries less frequently than every 30 days).

  • The double Wall alternatives for both Spills and Piping Sumps

  • Triennial Overfill Prevention Equipment Inspections

  • Annual Leak Detection Certification

  • Certification of Compatibility for USTs storing/dispensing Blended Fuels over E10 or B20

  • Walkthrough Inspections for Spill Buckets or Shear Valve Tops

  • Manifolded Piping under Dispensers

  • Testing Secondary Containment following repairs

  • Installations of USTs or installation or removal of an entire piping run added to inspections which require an inspector to be on site

  • 10/13/2028 deadline to install Containment Sumps

  • New Forms and Documentation

Who can I contact to help in making sure I am compliant with New Illinois UST Regulations?

New UST Regulations in IllinoisPetroleum Technologies Equipment is a specialty above ground and underground tank contractor that has been servicing commercial fuel facilities in the Chicago Area for over 25 years.  From local governments to transportation companies, PTE has established themselves as a leader in the industry and their reputation with the local regulatory agencies such as the Illinois Office of the Fire Marshal and Illinois EPA is impeccable.  For a free assessment of your commercial fuel facility please contact  (click here) Petroleum Technologies Equipment  to schedule a time to preform a walk through of your facility by one of our certified technicians.